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  (July 24, 2009) New CWG Website

The Cascabel Working Group has launched a Website that provides information on activities and current issues in the valley. Please visit our new website at: cascabelworkinggroup.org

(July 2, 2009) Possibility for SunZia Transmission Line through San Pedro River Valley.

SunZia, LLC, submitted a right-of-way application to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for two parallel 500 kilovolt (kV) high-capacity transmission lines to beconstructed between south central New Mexico (Socorro area) and south central Arizona (Eloy area).  According to a project newsletter prepared by EPG, Inc, a consulting company under contract with BLM to research the environmental issues associated with construction and maintenance, the purpose of these lines it to " transport electricity generated by power generation resources, including primarily renewable resources, to western power markets and load centers."

One of the currently proposed alternative routes enters the San Pedro River valley at  the Winchester substation near the road to Willcox, goes north through Cascabel and crosses the San Pedro river either near Redington, San Manuel, or Aravaipa Canyon. See SunZia Transmission link on our Website for more information on this project and information on  how you can comment.

Feasibility Study Update: 

(January 19, 2009) CWG Annual Meeting and Breakfast on January 24th, 2009
For details see the Events page.

(June 16, 2008) ADOT Meeting this Friday June 20th in Nogales.
Please visit the ADOT website and click on the June 20th agenda to find information on the upcoming meeting.

(May 13, 2008) Bye Bye Bypass Party in Cascabel on May 24th
The I-10 Bypass is no longer a threat in Cascabel. Come celebrate with us on the Memorial Day Weekend. For details see the  Events page or download the flyer to print.

(April 10, 2008) CWG Information Press Release Update
We have added an update for our press releases in the Outreach section of this Website. This press release gives information on the elimination of the San Pedro route from the bypass study. Jon Sjogren's statement to the ADOT Board in March has been added to the Position Statements section of the Website.

(March 21, 2008) Hurray! San Pedro has been dropped as possible I-10 bypass route
The proposed I-10 Bypass route through the San Pedro Valley died at 11:45 this morning Friday March 21st  in a near unanimous vote by the State Transportation Board. After 45 minutes of public comment, the Board briefly discussed the bypass issue. Felipe Zubia then proposed that a study of future transportation needs and options be continued, but that the San Pedro Valley be dropped from consideration. A giant thank you to everyone who has helped us accomplish our goal of saving the San Pedro Valley. See our News Articles section of the website for the press reports on the meeting.

(March 20, 2008) ADOT Board Meeting in Tucson on Friday March 21 with I10 Bypass study on Agenda as possible action item, News Articles updated, Final Feasibilty Report released

We have updated the ADOT page with a link to the final feasibility report and a link to the ADOT Board Agenda (I10bypass issue is number 19 on the agenda). There are also some new news articles listed.

(March 1, 2008) CWG Information Press Release Update
We have added an update for our press releases in the Outreach section of this Website. Several members of the press have expressed interest in writing stories about the bypass so there may be some more coverage of it in the news shortly. We have also added a copy of the letter we received from the EPA in our Written Responses section of the Website.

(February 8, 2008) CWG Information Press Releases
The Cascabel Working Group created a series of one page press releases in order to provide information about the proposed bypass. This is now available for download in the Outreach section of this Website.

(January 30, 2008) Donations now accepted via secure Paypal Website
The Cascabel Working Group is now accepting donations via Paypal's secure website. We appreciate any donation you can give to to help us continue in our opposition to the bypass. Please visit the Donate section of this Website for more information.

(January 23, 2008) Position Statements section of Website updated
Arizona Game and Fish statement to ADOT and Gov. Napolitano and Cascabel Working Group presentation on geographical context to ADOT Board at January meeting added to the Position Statements section of this Website.

(January 16, 2008) Position Statements section of Website updated
Sierra Club comments to ADOT have been added to the Position Statements section of this Website.

(January 9, 2008) Fundraiser breakfast planned and Defenders of Wildlife statement posted
The Cascabel Working Group will be holding a fundraiser breakfast at the Cascabel Community Center on  Sunday January 20th, 2007. Please come out and help fund a worthy cause and enjoy a delicious breakfast too! See our Events page for more information.

Defenders of Wildlife Statement to ADOT (517kbytes)  has been posted in the Position Statements section of this Website.

(December 26, 2007) Feasibility study presented to ADOT Board Meeting on 21st of December
The ADOT Board members took no action on the feasibility study at the December meeting in Oro Valley. The public comment period was cut short, allowing only one speaker for each group to give a 3 minute presentation. Presentations in opposition to the bypass were given by the CWG, AZ Game and Fish, The Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, the Avra Valley Group, and The Center for Desert Archaeology. No private individuals were given an opportunity to speak. The CWG prepared several 3 minute presentations but only one was given. We submitted the other presentations in written form to each of the Board members. The CWG also presented more than 450 signed cards of opposition. The CWG presentations have been converted to PDF and placed in the Position Statements section of this Website.

December 19, 2007) Cascabel Working Group Critique of URS Feasibility Study Documents
The Cascabel Working Group has created a detailed critique of the URS report on the I-10 Bypass. This 20 page document is in PDF format for download (300 kbytes).

(December 18, 2007) Pima County has meeting on adopting resolution
The Pima County Board of Supervisor's voted unanimously today to adopt a resolution that opposes the I-10 bypass in Pima County. Other updates include Website changes  including  news articles about the I-10 bypass and the upcoming ADOT meeting as well as the posting of a new position statement.

(December 13, 2007) Agenda released for ADOT Board Meeting on December 21st in Oro Valley includes presentation on  feasibility study
The I-10 Phoenix/Tucson Bypass Study is listed as an item on the agenda for the December 21st meeting. It is also listed as a possible action item which means the Board can actually vote on this item. There is a call to the public as well. The agenda can be downloaded as a PDF from ADOT (119 kbytes). We encourage people to attend the meeting in Oro Valley. It begins at 9 AM and is located at: Town of Oro Valley Council Chambers, 11000 North La Canada Drive, Oro Valley, AZ

(December 8, 2007) Updated this Website to include the latest online news articles about public meetings and position statements.
Position statements now include the latest Jon Sjogren letter to ADOT , the Cascabel Working Group's position statement for the second round of public meetings and Cochise County's Resolution opposing the bypass.

Cascabel Working Group activities have included sending at least one representative to all of the public meetings and making a statement at several of them. We are still collecting cards from individuals who oppose the bypass so that we may present these to the ADOT Board. We are also encouraging people to submit comments to ADOT via their electronic form.

(December 7, 2007) Second Round of Feasibility Study Public Meetings Completed
The second round of public meetings is now complete. Seven meetings took place throughout Southern Arizona.  If you didn't attend one of the meetings to submit comments, be sure to make your comments via their electronic form. Some individuals have reported having errors when they tried to complete the form. If you have any problems, please email us and let us know or contact URS or ADOT directly. This form is dialup friendly and can be found at:http://www.phxurs.com/i10bypass/

ADOT has posted a preliminary report on the feasibility study on their website. They are located under Public Listening Sessions  and are working documents (all separate PDF files).  They can be found at:

The agenda for the  December ADOT board meeting has not yet been posted. It is most likely, however, that the URS report will be presented to the Board at the December 21st meeting in Oro Valley. Please plan to attend if you are interested. Details are:

Transportation Board Meeting
Start Time: 9:00 a.m.
Place: Town of Oro Valley Council Chambers
11000 North La Canada Drive
Oro Valley, AZ 85737

End Time: 12:00 p.m. (estimated)
(November, 2007) Special ADOT Study Session on I-10 bypass held in Tucson on Monday November 5, 2007 and San Pedro River Valley is still listed as a Feasible Route

The State Transportation Board held a Study Session in Tucson on Monday, November 5th. The I-10 Phoenix Tucson Bypass Study was the only agenda item.  Dale Buskirk presented information to the Board on the feasibility study.

The bottom line is there are still 4 routes being considered. Three of the routes come through the San Pedro River Valley: one goes through the Aravaipa, two through the middle San Pedro River Valley between Willcox and San Manuel . The 4th route  goes south and west of Tucson through Avra Valley and west of the Tucson Mountains. The San Pedro River Valley is still considered a feasible route! All of these routes are identified on the PowerPoint presentation that ADOT has on their website at:

word of warning : the above pdf file  is actually 7.0
MB in size so if you are on dial up this will take a long, long time.

Naturally, we are disappointed that we will have to keep up our fight to save the San Pedro River Valley from this potential threat. We need to keep voicing our opposition and fighting against this crazy proposal.

Cochise County Board of Supervisors Unanimously Passes Resolution in Opposition to I-10 Bypass in San Pedro River Valley

On October 23rd,  the Cochise County Board of Supervisors were unanimous in their opposition to an Interstate running through the San Pedro River Valley and its tributaries. We would would like to thank all the Supervisors for allowing the CWG to make a presentation on our position and for the Board of Supervisors for passing a resolution that opposes this bypass.

CWG Activities (November 2, 2007) :

The Cascabel Working Group has been sending out stamped postcards for people to sign stating that they are opposed to the bypass through the San Pedro River Valley. These postcards can be returned to us so we can present them to ADOT personally. If you would like a postcard please contact us via email at contactus@i10bypassinfo.us

The next ADOT Board meeting is on Friday, November 16th at 10:00 a .m. in Lake Havasu City. The Board Study Session starts at 10:00 a.m. with the Board meeting following that. The agenda for this meeting will be posted on the ADOT Website one week prior to that date. The Board meeting is open to the public. Members of the Cascabel Working Group plan to attend this meeting.

ADOT Tour of San Pedro and Aravaipa Proposed I-10 Bypass Routes

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) organized a field tour of the proposed I-10 bypass routes through the San Pedro and Aravaipa valleys on September 6 -7, 2007. The goal of this tour was to gain a greater shared understanding of the landscape, conservation interests, and potential issues to be considered in the bypass study process.

Tom Collazo of TNC said that the organization “appreciates the opportunity to provide ADOT and transportation planning representatives the opportunity to learn more about the activities of a number of agencies and organizations working on conservation and cultural preservation programs in this part of the state,” and thanked all parties for their participation.

Representatives from ADOT and URS and Pima Association of Governments (PAG) heard directly from the agencies and organizations who have invested in the ecological and cultural values along these proposed routes and experienced firsthand the topography and geology of the two valleys.

In addition to TNC, US Fish and Wildlife, Salt River Project, US Bureau of Reclamation, Pima County Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, US Bureau of Land Management, Center for Desert Archaeology, Saguaro-Juniper Corporation, Cascabel Hermitage Association (see write up of Daniel Baker's follow-up letter), to his presentation to ADOT and Cascabel Working Group spoke at various stops along the tour about their conservation efforts, concerns, investments and goals in these two valleys. The general tone of the group was one of civil and interested exchange of perspectives and information.

ADOT said that the state would improve existing highways to their maximum capacity before taking on a new highway. Mr. Buskirk of Arizona Department of Transportation told the group that he wants to hear about issues because he needs to document why a particular alternative is desirable or not. He encouraged anyone with information to submit it to him so that he can incorporate information in ADOT’s report on the study to the Board.

Their current timeline is to present their findings regarding the feasibility study to the ADOT Board in November and to the public in December. They may hold public meetings in Safford and Willcox this time, as well as several other places.

CWG thanks ADOT and URS for their diligence in conducting a thorough review and their genuine interest in the information presented by many sincere and knowledgeable voices who together are working to save a “Last Great Place.”

Web Site Updates:

We have updated our Position Statements page of this website with new entries under Other Position Statements and Responses. We have also updated our Outreach page of this website.

CWG Activities:

The Cascabel Working Group has been giving presentations at various public meetings for the last month. Our presentations have been  well received. If you or your group are interested in having a powerpoint presentation done by a member of our group, please contact us at contactus@i10bypassinfo.us. We now have a web-based copy of our presentation available online in the Outreach section of this website.

On September 10th, the CWG gave a presentation at the Benson City Council meeting on our opposition to the bypass through the San Pedro River Valley. ADOT also gave a presentation at the same meeting. We would like to thank the Benson City Council for allowing us the opportunity to talk with them about our position. We would also like to thank the ADOT and URS representatives who were there for their courteousness and respectful understanding of our point of view.

Other locations and groups we have given presentations to:

June 23, 2007:   Informal presentation to Northern Cochise County Democrats-Willcox

            (non-power point and distribution of printed information by Maria Troutner)

July 28, 2007:  Power point presentation to Northern Cochise County Democrats: Benson

            (by Maria Troutner)

August 18, 2007:  Power point presentation to the Cochise County Democratic Committee in Douglas

          (by Maria Troutner)

August 25, 2007:    Power point presentation to the Northern Cochise County Democrats in Willcox

       (by Maria Troutner)

September 8, 2007:  Power point presentation to the Greater Huachuca Democratic Club in Sierra Vista

       (by Maria Troutner)

September 10, 2007:  Power point presentation to the Benson City Council & ADOT-

         (by Bob McClure)

September 13, 2007:  Power point presentation to the San Manuel Senior Citizen’s  in San Manuel

       (by Maria Troutner)

September 13, 2007:  Power point presentation to the Sierra Club in Tucson

        (by Bob McClure)

September 19, 2007:  Power point presentation to the Rotary Club in Benson

        (by Anna Lands)

September 20, 2007:  Power point presentation to the Pinal County Democratic Club in San Manuel

       (by Maria Troutner)

October 10, 2007: Cochise County Board of Supervisors in Bisbee

    (by Bob McClure)

October 17, 2007: Winkelman NRCD Quarterly Meeting in Kearney

    (by Bob McClure and Anna Lands)

November 13, 2007:  Historical Society at the San Manuel Senior Center in San Manuel

    (by Maria Troutner and Jacquie Dale)


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