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Local Websites in the San Pedro River Valley
The following Web sites are from groups or individuals living in the San Pedro River Valley. These groups are posted here because they have some affiliation with the Middle San Pedro River Valley. These groups or individuals do not necessarily share the same viewpoint as that of the CWG.

Cascabel Area
  • The San Pedro River Valley: Current Prospects for Destruction of an Ecosystem
    The geology and natural history of the region are discussed and a reasoned and factually detailed argument is made against the feasibility of a bypass in the valley. This site was created with much input from individuals including members of the CWG. This essay... is connected with the Cascabel Working Group and with friends of Saguaro Juniper Corporation as well, though the diverse memberships of those entities are not responsible for the contents of the pages displayed here.
    This site contains a number of large images so those on dialup are forewarned, however, the images are well worth the wait time.
  • Cascabel Community Center
    The Cascabel Community Center is located in Cascabel, overlooking the San Pedro River.
  • Saguaro Juniper Corporation
    Saguaro Juniper Corporation consists of a group of shareholding associates with a strong stewardship ethic who own and lease land in the Hot Springs Canyon area of the San Pedro River Valley.
  • Redington NRCD
    The Redington Natural Resource Conservation District provides information and assistance to local landowners in the Cascabel/Redington area.
  • Community Watershed Alliance
    The Community Watershed Alliance is a community-based regional organization that promotes collaboration and cooperation to advance research, education, and policies for the sustainability of our watershed.

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