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Here you will find copies of our outreach letters and presentations given to various organizations and individuals. The letters are in PDF format. To download any of these files, right click on the icon with your mouse and select "Save target as" or "Save link as" if you are using a PC, or "Save link as" if you are using a Mac.

Press Release Update 2 - March 2008

     This update was issued in March, 2008. It is in PDF format and is 69kbytes in size. Download cwgupdate2.pdf

Press Release Update 1 - February 2008

     This update to our press releases, dated February 26th, specifically refers to the ADOT meeting held in Phoenix in February. This PDF file is 56kbytes in size. Download update1.pdf

Press Releases

     This document contains a series of 14 press releases that were sent to media and to other agencies and individuals to provide information about the bypass. This PDF is 217 kbytes in size. Download cwgpressreleases.pdf

CWG Critique of URS Report

     The Cascabel Working Group has created a critique of the preliminary feasibility study on the I-10 bypass. This detailed critique goes through various points of the URS report and is well worth the read if you are interested in the deficiencies of the study. The document is in PDF format and is 300 kbytes in size.
Download rebut.pdf

Powerpoint Presentation

     The CWG has a Powerpoint Presentation. This version of the original has been converted to be a web-based version and so is not the best quality, however you will get a good idea of the content from this file.

Letter to Environmental Organizations

     This is the first page of the letter that was sent out to environmental organizations. This PDF is 24kb in size. Download greenletter.pdf

Attachment to Environmental Letter

     The attachment that went with the environmental letter. PDF is 116kb in size. Download greenpage2.pdf

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