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A grassroots organization concerned with the cultural and ecological integrity of the lower/middle San Pedro Valley
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Video Links:
The SunZia Project's potential impact on the unique flora, fauna and historical sites of the Lower San Pedro River valley.
This video shows some of the land and wildlife along the planned route of the SunZia Transmission Project's utility corridor.
Under the banner of "Saving the Environment," SunZia is proposing to build two 500-kilovolt transmission lines to potential wind farms in central New Mexico to route their power to California. Because this seemed like an environmentally motivated project, we hoped they would run their transmission lines along Interstate 10 to minimize additional environmental impacts. However, since SunZia announced their uncompromising plan to open a 400- to 1000-foot wide path through the largest unbroken wilderness corridor in the Southwest outside the Grand Canyon, their project now threatens the very thing they want the public to believe they are saving.
This video shows clips from the AZ Corporation Commission when the CEC (Certificate of Environmental Compatibility) permit was granted.