Cascabel Working Group
A grassroots organization concerned with the cultural and ecological integrity of the lower/middle San Pedro Valley
"It has been our great priviledge and honor.."
      Working Group's Tribute to Norman "Mick" Meader

SunZia Status / Ongoing Issues
(Note: see also Detailed News/History)
  • Rehearing Application on decision to grant SunZia's CEC
    On March 11, 2017, Peter Else filed an application with the Arizona Corporation Commission for a rehearing of Decision #75464, the decision which granted SunZia a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility (CEC).

  • SunZia must now invite comment from Participating Stakeholders on the Plan of Development. CWG released our official comments on May 3rd 2017

  • Reference: Arizona Corporation Commission SunZia info page (documents, decisions, etc)

  • Significant Regulatory Events:
    • Arizona Corporation Commission approved CEC (Certificate of Environmental Compatibility) on February 3rd, 2016
      vote: 3-2

    • Arizona Corporation Commission Line Siting Committee voted 8-0 (1 abstention) in support of issuing SunZia a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility

    • [Federal] Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released its Record of Decision on Jan 23rd, 2015
      This gave the SunZia project federal-level approval and decided its selected route. See CWG's Press Release

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