San Pedro Valley Conservation Investments


Current and Recent Conservation Initiatives


·       U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lower San Pedro River wildlife refuge and collaborative conservation initiative

·       America’s Great Outdoors Lower San Pedro River conservation initiative

·       NRCS/USFWS joint Working Lands for Wildlife Habitat initiative

·       Resolution Copper Mine Land Exchange (7B Ranch)

·       USDA Forest Service Forest Legacy Program’s #1 preservation objective in 2009


Other Agencies/Organizations with Conservation Lands and Easements


·       Arizona Game and Fish Department – easements and fee lands

·       Bureau of Land Management – Cascabel conservation area

·       Bureau of Reclamation – San Pedro Preserve at Dudleyville, Cook’s Lake, Spirit Hollow, Three Links Farm (fee and easement lands)

·       Nature Conservancy – San Pedro Preserve at Dudleyville, H&E Farm, Buehman Canyon, lower Hot Springs Wash, Three Links Farm

·       Pima County – A-7 Ranch, Buehman Canyon, Bingham Cienega, Six Bar Ranch

·       Saguaro Juniper Corporation – lower Hot Springs Canyon

·       Salt River Project – Adobe Preserve North, Black’s Farm, Spirit Hollow

·       Southwest Archaeology – Redington Ball Court and numerous easements


Summary of Environmental Values


·       One of the Nature Conservancy’s “Last Great Places”

·       Last free-flowing river in the Desert Southwest

·       Part of the largest unfragmented landscape in Arizona outside the Grand Canyon region

·       One of the three principal desert life corridors in the Southwest (along with Colorado and Rio Grande Rivers)

·       Exceeds the Rio Grande River Valley in biological richness

·       Hosts the largest mammal species diversity in North America

·       Recognized as a Globally Important Bird Area by the American Bird Conservancy

·       Principal north-south migration corridor for Central American birds

·       Habitat for numerous threatened and endangered species

·       Hosts one of the largest remaining intact mesquite forests in the world

·       Rich archaeological history dating from earliest North American human occupation (Clovis)


Click on the image below for a detailed pdf showing the variety and scope of conservation work as of summer 2010.