Richard K. Winslow     P.O. Box 315    Antrim, N.H. 03440        10/19/10







Adrian Garcia

Bureau of Land Management

SunZia Southwest Transmission Project

PO Box 27115

Santa Fe, NM 87502-0115


Dear Mr. Garcia


     I’ve read about the SunZia Transmission Project and offer these thoughts:


1.   No route for the Project should be considered except routes already ecologically damaged by extant energy transmission equipment, such as in the I-10 corridor.


  1. It seems obvious that installing hundreds of huge transmission towers in the San Pedro Valley – with its attendant bulldozing, tree removal, road construction, etc. -- has to be a profit-driven idea rather than a function of ecological sanity.


      3.   Leasing public lands to SunZia, while providing only a small financial return, would open up the land to uses – such as by all-terrain vehicles – that  create

            erosion, loss of vegetation and disturbed aquatic habitats


      4.   We read of poor countries (e.g. Haiti) which, having been deforested, suffer grotesquely from such results as mud slides.  The U.S. will become a poor

             country driven to its knees by such things as floods, droughts, tornados,  landslides, etc. unless it resists unwise money makers such as a badly-handled 

             SunZia project could be.



      Thanks so much for your attention.  And good wishes



      Richard  K.Winslow